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Cómo Hacer Sabroso Sig's Simply different Potato Salad

Sig's Simply different Potato Salad.

Sig's Simply different Potato Salad Puede Tener Sig's Simply different Potato Salad usando 11 ingredientes y 3 pasos. Así es como cocinar Eso.

Ingredientes de Sig's Simply different Potato Salad

  1. necesitas 1 can de readyboiled small potatoes or 500 grams salad potatoes.
  2. es 1 tablespoon de olive oil.
  3. necesitas 1 tablespoon de herbal or white wine vinegar.
  4. necesitas 1/8 de of a litre vegetablestock.
  5. preparar 2 tablespoons de horseradish sauce.
  6. preparar 125 grams de creme fraiche.
  7. necesitas 1 de teacup full of frozen defrosted peas.
  8. preparar 1 de small bunch spring onions.
  9. necesitas 125 gr de small button mushrooms.
  10. necesitas 150 grams de ready cooked prawns.
  11. es 1 de good pinch of cayenne pepper.

Sig's Simply different Potato Salad Paso a paso

  1. You can use canned small potatoes or cook your own in skin, cool and peel them. Cut them into slices if they are to big. In a pan heat one tablespoon oil, one tablespoon white wine or herbal vinegar, add the potatoes, then add the stock. Simmer this down until almost all the liquid has gone..
  2. In a bowl mix 2 tablespoons horseradish with 125 grams creme fraiche or quark. Add the peas to potatoes.Chop bunch spring onions, bottom ends only, except roots. Clean the buttom mushroom, add both to the pan.When the liquid is almost gone take potatoes of the heat, then add the horseradish mixture to the potatoes lift gently under the potatoes..
  3. Now lift the washed prawns if bought cooked under the potato salad otherwise cook your fresh prawns and then lift them under the salad. Season with cayenne pepper and chive. Serve..