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Cómo Hacer Deliciosa Moroccon chicken roast with chick pea salad

Moroccon chicken roast with chick pea salad.

Moroccon chicken roast with chick pea salad Puede cocinar Moroccon chicken roast with chick pea salad usando 31 ingredientes y 6 pasos. Así es como cocinar Ese.

Ingredientes de Moroccon chicken roast with chick pea salad

  1. necesitas de Chicken one kg whole n make cuts.
  2. preparar de Salt.
  3. preparar de Spring onions 2 blended.
  4. es de Paprika powder.
  5. necesitas de Red chilli pwd.
  6. necesitas de Garam masala.
  7. necesitas de G/g paste.
  8. es de Soya sauce.
  9. preparar de Yogurt.
  10. necesitas de Zeera crushed.
  11. preparar de Vinegar.
  12. necesitas de Oil.
  13. necesitas de Meat tenderizer.
  14. es de Assorted veggies of your choice(I used carrots, capsicum n potatoes) carrots n potatoes were boiled.
  15. preparar de Oil.
  16. es de Salt n black pepper.
  17. preparar de Oregano.
  18. necesitas de Chickpea.
  19. necesitas de Pasta 1 cup any shape boiled.
  20. necesitas de Onions chopped.
  21. preparar de Tomatoes chopped.
  22. necesitas de Chicken tikka chunks.
  23. preparar de Olive oil.
  24. preparar de Vinegar.
  25. es de Lemon juice.
  26. es de Mustard paste.
  27. es de Salt n black pepper 1/4 tsp each.
  28. preparar de Castor sugar.
  29. preparar de Garlic.
  30. preparar de Boiled eggs to garnish.
  31. es de Salad.

Moroccon chicken roast with chick pea salad Instrucciones

  1. Marinate chicken with salt, paprika, red chilli, g/g paste, spring onions blended, soya sauce, zeera,meat tenderizer, oil 2 tbsp,vinegar,yogurt n garam masala for 2 hours. Tie its legs with rubberband..
  2. Put 2 tbsp oil n fry the chicken only from all sides. Then add in left over marination n cover n cook till done for 30 mins n oil comes on top..
  3. For veggies put 1 tsp oil fry veggies n season with salt, pepper n oregano..
  4. For salad put chick pea, pasta, onion, tomatoes n chicken chunks in a bowl..
  5. Mix ingredients of dressing n pour it mixture it well..
  6. Chill for one hour n serve with chicken n veggies..