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Recipes: Healthy Chia seeds power-packed smoothie

Chia seeds power-packed smoothie. Chia seeds smoothie - loaded with super foods like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, 🥝 spinach leaves, orange 🍊 etc. Seeds are great source of vitamin, minirals and Your power packed smoothie is ready to serve. It is so tempting that you can not resist yourself.

Chia seeds power-packed smoothie A tablespoon or two won't negatively impact the flavor of your green smoothie. The Benefits of Adding Chia Seeds in Your Smoothies. Before smoothies, chia seeds are added to Expect a smooth running digestive system and an overall healthy body. You can have Chia seeds power-packed smoothie using 13 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Chia seeds power-packed smoothie

  1. Prepare of Chia seeds - 1 t.spoon.
  2. You need of Flax seed -1 t.spoon.
  3. Prepare of Pumpkin seeds - 1t.spoon.
  4. It's of Muskmelon seeds -1t.spoon.
  5. It's cup of Coconut milk -1.
  6. It's of Kiwi - 1 (cut into pieces).
  7. It's of Orange - 1/2 cup pulp.
  8. Prepare 7 of Black grapes -.
  9. Prepare leaves of Spinach -7.
  10. Prepare 1/2 of Apple -.
  11. Prepare of Honey or banana for sweetness.
  12. It's of Grated chocolate -1 t.spoon.
  13. It's 5 of . Watermelon balls -.

How to Use Chia in Smoothies. Unless you want a thick chia gel smoothie, you will need to Visit www.smoothie-handbook.com/free-smoothie-reci. to receive her free Smoothie Handbook Ebook that is packed with fruit smoothie recipes, green smoothie recipes. Though these ancient cultures may not have completely understood the nutritional breakdown of these power-packed. Assuming you're buying raw organic chia seeds, their nutritional profile will be the same regardless.

Chia seeds power-packed smoothie instructions

  1. Dry roast all 3 types of seeds..
  2. Soak chia seeds into water for 2 hours or whole night..
  3. Blend all types of fruits,seeds and coconut milk together in a mixer jar..
  4. Add honey and mix..
  5. Pour this smoothie into a tall glass.Garnish it with some seeds, watermelon balls and grated chocolate..
  6. Your power packed smoothie is ready to serve. It is so tempting that you can not resist yourself.Taste bhi, healthy bhi..

Though take note I said organic! Here's a fun fact about chia seeds. You can use them as solid food, as a beverage, and something in-between like a pudding! Healthy ingredients you're not getting enough of. Chia seeds expand when wet into a kind of gelatinous substance, which makes them a great thickening agent for smoothies.