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Recipes: Diet AVOCADOđŸ„‘SMOOTHIE by Maryumms_cuisine🌾

AVOCADOđŸ„‘SMOOTHIE by Maryumms_cuisine🌾. The Best Avocado Smoothie Yogurt Recipes on Yummly Avocado Blueberry Fat Burning Smoothie, Blueberry Avocado Greek Yogurt Smoothie, Avocado Smoothie. AvocadođŸ„‘đŸ„‘is my favorite and smoothie indeedđŸ€€ #Yobe,damaturu. Both avocado banana smoothie has a unique taste in itself.

AVOCADOđŸ„‘SMOOTHIE by Maryumms_cuisine🌾 I'm from Brazil and my grandpa has drank an avocado smoothie practically every morning for years. Adding avocado to a smoothie might sound strange, but you'll be surprised if you try it! This secretly healthy avocado shake is so unbelievably creamy, it Or turn it into a chocolate avocado smoothie by adding a spoonful of cocoa powder (I recommend dutch cocoa for a brownie-like flavor) and a little. You can cook AVOCADOđŸ„‘SMOOTHIE by Maryumms_cuisine🌾 using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of AVOCADOđŸ„‘SMOOTHIE by Maryumms_cuisine🌾

  1. Prepare 1 of medium avocado.
  2. It's 1 table spoon of sugar.
  3. You need 1 pack of powder milk.
  4. Prepare of Flavour(optional).
  5. Prepare of chill water\iceblock.

This creamy avocado smoothie recipe is the BEST healthy breakfast! Made with banana, spinach, and pineapple, it's packed with protein and healthy fats. Don't worry - this avocado smoothie doesn't taste at all like guacamole. Instead, it's like a fresh lime sorbet.

AVOCADOđŸ„‘SMOOTHIE by Maryumms_cuisine🌾 step by step

  1. In clean bowl wash,peel and cuts your avocado into dice cubes.
  2. Add it inside your blender,with chill water or iceblock,sugar,flavour,milk and blend it well untill everything is well blended and smooth serve it and enjoy.
  3. And here is my cuties❤️😍😍😍.
  4. .

Thanks to the avocado and banana, it. Because we're such big fans of this fruit, and because it blends so seamlessly into smoothies — adding a "milkshake" texture without altering taste — we're rounded up some of our favorite recipes featuring this green wonder. Avocado Chocolate Smoothie - this is amazingly delicious, and you can't taste the avocado at all. Avocado Shake Avocado Juice Avocado Smoothie Fruit Juice Indonesian Desserts Indonesian Cuisine Indonesian Recipes Avocado Dessert Desert Recipes. How To Make These Green Smoothies: Start by adding the liquid to your blender (see my blender recommendations), followed by the avocado and apple last.