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Receta: Perfecto Falafal sandwich

Falafal sandwich.

Falafal sandwich Puede Tener Falafal sandwich usando 48 ingredientes y 9 pasos. Así es como cocinar Ese.

Ingredientes de Falafal sandwich

  1. es 6 pcs de pita bread.
  2. preparar de Hummus.
  3. preparar 2 cup de chick peas(boiled with water).
  4. preparar 1/4 cup de tahina paste.
  5. preparar 2 tbsp de lemon juice.
  6. necesitas 1 tsp de garlic.
  7. es de Salt as per taste.
  8. necesitas 1/2 tsp de pepper powder.
  9. preparar 1/4 tsp de mustard powder.
  10. necesitas 2 tbsp de salad oil.
  11. necesitas 2 tbsp de olive oil.
  12. necesitas 5 de basil leaves.
  13. necesitas 1/4 tsp de parsley dry.
  14. necesitas de Tahina paste.
  15. es 4 tbsp de seasame seeds.
  16. necesitas 1/2 cup de water.
  17. preparar 1 tbsp de olive oil.
  18. preparar 1 pinch de salt.
  19. preparar 1/2 tbsp de lemon juice.
  20. necesitas de Tahina sauce.
  21. necesitas 1/4 cup de tahina paste.
  22. es 1 tsp de green chilli.
  23. preparar 1/2 tsp de mustard powder.
  24. preparar 1/2 cup de hung curd.
  25. necesitas de Salt as per taste.
  26. necesitas de Salad.
  27. necesitas 1/2 cup de tomatoes thinly sliced.
  28. es 1/4 cup de spring onion finely chopped.
  29. es 1/2 cup de onion thinly sliced.
  30. preparar 1/2 cup de cabbage thinly sliced.
  31. es 1/2 cup de carrot thinly sliced.
  32. es 2 tbsp de chopped coriander leaves.
  33. preparar 1 tbsp de olive oil.
  34. necesitas 1/2 tsp de black pepper powder.
  35. preparar de Salt as per taste.
  36. necesitas 2 tsp de vinegar.
  37. necesitas de Falafal.
  38. es 2 cup de green moong Dal.
  39. necesitas 1/2 cup de coriander leaves.
  40. preparar 1 tsp de green chilli chopped.
  41. es 1/4 cup de onion chopped.
  42. necesitas 1/4 tsp de baking powder.
  43. es 1/2 tsp de garlic chopped.
  44. preparar 1 tsp de zatar spice mix(thyme, seasame seeds, salt).
  45. necesitas de Salt as per taste.
  46. necesitas de Oil for frying.
  47. es 1 tbsp de corn flour.
  48. necesitas 1 tbsp de rice flour.

Falafal sandwich Instrucciones

  1. For tahina paste: cook seasame seeds in pressure cooker with half cup of water. Make a fine paste with olive oil, salt and lemon juice..
  2. For tahina sauce:mix hung curd, mustard powder, green chilli sauce in a bowl. Add other ingredients, mix it and keep aside..
  3. For hummus: mix all ingredients in a mixture jar, and make smooth and soft paste..
  4. Add water kept from chick peas Peel to make smooth mixture..
  5. For falafal: soak Dal for 6 hours. Make a smooth and thick paste of Dal with chillies and garlic. transfer the paste in a bowl. Mix other remaining ingredients in it. Lastly add lemon juice and baking powder.
  6. Mix well for better results. Deep fry like pakodas and keep aside..
  7. Salad: u can saute the salad ingredients. Keep aside. Serving: cut pita bread into half and slit it all. Slightly toast the bread on tawa with oil..
  8. Now it's a bread pocket. Apply, hummus, tahina sauce, insert falafal..
  9. Place little salad, and again sprinkle sauce. Now ur yummy sandwich is ready to eat..