Recipes: Healthy Spinach & Strawberry Green Smoothie

Spinach & Strawberry Green Smoothie. Spinach is a dark, leafy green vegetable that is packed with vitamins and other nutrients. A superfood, spinach has a range of health benefits, including lowering the risk of cancer and reducing. Overview Information Spinach is a vegetable.

Spinach & Strawberry Green Smoothie Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is a leafy green flowering plant native to central and western Asia. It is of the order Caryophyllales, family Amaranthaceae, subfamily Chenopodioideae. Its leaves are a common edible vegetable consumed either fresh, or after storage using preservation techniques by canning, freezing, or dehydration. You can cook Spinach & Strawberry Green Smoothie using 6 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Spinach & Strawberry Green Smoothie

  1. You need Handful of spinach.
  2. You need 1 tsp of linseed.
  3. Prepare 1 scoop of vegan protein powder.
  4. It's 1/4 of avocado.
  5. Prepare 300 mls of unsweetened almond milk approx.
  6. You need 6 of large strawberries.

It may be eaten cooked or raw, and the taste differs considerably. Spinach salads, dips, quiches, casseroles, and sides. Get tons of top recipes starring this sensational super food. Spinach is notoriously nutritious and delicious too, so we've gathered our most-popular spinach recipes to round out your repertoire.

Spinach & Strawberry Green Smoothie step by step

  1. Add all the ingredients to your blender and blitz until nice and smooth!.
  2. Add water to thin the smoothie out if you don’t like it too thick..

Spinach is a great staple to add to your diet. This leafy green vegetable grows all year round and is packed with vitamins and minerals. There are two basic types of spinach: flat-leaf and savoy. Spinach is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, including ():Vitamin A. Spinach is high in carotenoids, which your body can turn into vitamin A.